Friday, July 12, 2013


I am so happy to report some progress on our house! As of this week...Our septic is going in and we now have a lovely driveway AND pictures to prove it all! I am starting to get REALLY excited!!!

Site of our drain field to the left of house. Daniel
and Ben Harris had to take out some of the woods
to make this happen. 

And King and Sons have started their work on the Septic! 

My handsome man pleased to see the progress! 

I had no idea just how huge a drain field is. There are 6 rows like this!
Guess the grass will be nicely fertilized in this area:-)

Just had to post a pic of Susanna getting her bath at the
aquatic center yesterday:-). Yes, I did wash this sink out
first! There is no way to bathe her good in the camper.

And finally a pic of the driveway that went in just
today! And yes... a driveway was exciting
enough for me to load all 5 kids up and drive out
there to see it:-). 

Cannott wait to see the kids riding their bikes on this fairly flat
and wonderful driveway!!! It is by far the longest
driveway they have ever had:-). I cannot express
how blessed I feel that we won't be living so close to a
street like we always have. God is soooo good! 

The kids got to witness the bulldozer clearing and
flattening an overgrown area well behind the house
for their swing set and trampoline. This is REALLY
happening!!! I may have to pinch myself to make
sure I am not just dreaming again:-). 

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Sarah Breinich said...

This IS really exciting, Lindsay! Can't wait to come and see it in person! Woohoo!