Saturday, September 28, 2013

First photos of my babies on our land!

A couple of weeks ago I had our friend Laura Swift come to our land to get some photos of the girls. I had been wanting to get pictures in their matching dresses and finally realized that summer was over and it would be too late if I kept procrastinating. So...I finally called Laura and made it happen! The boys and I weren't dressed up but she did get a few shots of them and even a couple of me. Thanks Laura! Susanna wasn't necessarily excited about having photos taken but at least she never cried. 

This is my favorite of the 3 sisters! I think I will frame it for our house:-). 

This one captures my baby doll so well!

Favorite Books

Most everyone knows that I love a good book and always have! I think spending even just a few minutes reading each day is so important. I am going to list some of my favorite books I have read fairly recently or are currently reading for future reference. These are in no particular order. 

Financial Peace ~ Dave Ramsey

Total Money Makeover ~ Dave Ramsey

The Richest Man in Babylon ~ George Mason

The One Minute Manager ~ Spencer Johnson

Who moved my cheese? ~ Spencer Johnson

The Millionaire mind ~ Stanley Thomas (Reading this now and loving it!)

The 7 Habits of Highly effective people ~  Stephen Covey

Living the 7 Habits ~ Stephen Covey

Christian Books
Desperate ~ by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson (Another current read that I am loving!)

The Busy homeschool Mom's guide to daylight ~ Heidi St. John

One Thousand Gifts ~ Ann Voskamp

Choosing to See ~ Mary Beth Chapman

Homeschooling with a meek and Quiet Spirit ~ Teri Maxwell

Friday, September 27, 2013

September Nursing Home Visit

We got to visit English Meadows again today and loved every minute of it! My friend Shannon (also a homeschool mom) came up with the idea to go one Friday morning a month and our little group take a craft or game that the kids can help them do while they get in some good visiting time. We also sing a couple of old hymns and serve them a fun snack. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but was afraid of it being too overwhelming. So thankful Shannon had the idea to go together! 

This is Mrs. Kitty. She couldn't wait to get her hands on Susanna!

Grace and Mrs. Thompson really hit it off. 
Grace helping Mrs. Thompson make a Fall placemat
to decorate her room with:-). 

Mercy had been shy and clinging to my leg but this
visit she finally warmed up and did a great job visiting
and talking!  

Mrs. Kitty calls herself "Susie's Sealy Mattress"...LOL!
I must say, Susanna is quite comfortable laying on her.

Poor Mrs. Hopkins looks healthy but has a bad case of
Alzheimers/Dementia. Even though she may ask our names
 20 times during the same visit and does not
remember that we came. She is always so happy:-). 
Mrs. Geneva is 90 years old and still has a good mind!
I asked her secret to living so long and she said
"I love Jesus and I love children".  My beautiful friend
Shannon is letting her admire Susanna.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

11 kids ages 9 and under!

My friend Shannon Matyas (fellow mother of many with a brood of 6 kids) allowed me to come while her husband was out of town and have a fun a play date with her kids. They had such a great time entertaining eachother! It's so good for us to be around other families with lives similar to ours. It helps us see that our struggles and triumphs are more normal than we think:-).  

Monday, September 16, 2013

How many dresses should a little girl wear at once?

According to Mercy, it is perfectly acceptable to wear six! I could not believe it when she tried to wear 6 dresses over to play at my friend Kimmy's house for the afternoon. I asked her what she was thinking and she said that she had to wear that many to make the top dress stick out like a princess dress. Bless her heart! See the bottom pic:-). This little girl sure puts a smile on my face! 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

House and Land Progress this weekend

We had such a wonderful time at our land this weekend! I cannot begin to express just how grateful I am that our dream of owning land has finally come true! I tell you, When you have 5 kids and is a ton of time spent at home. Up until now we have never had a place where we could really spend good quality family time outside. As I watch our children running and playing on this land, I thank God over and over for His faithfulness.

Susie napping in the camper

Daniel scored enough wood from his job on I-81 to build us
a storage barn. 

And all the walls are raised, it is truly amazing
what a large family can accomplish working

This is our basement dug out and ready for footers

Our camper is now parked on our land
which makes it so much nicer to hangout for long
periods of time. Susie takes her naps in it. 

Our fabulous yard

Turns out that our land is a great place to fly kites! The boys
spent a lot of time doing just that this weekend. 

Our swing set is now in place, still trying to decide whether we
will like it so far from the house. 

Kite flying

View of house site and our johnny house:-).

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mercy's 1st day of Preschool 2013

This will be the last year of preschool for our 4th child. She will start Kindergarten next year when she turns 5! She is still quite tiny for her age but soooo smart! I look forward to homeschooling her next year in our new school room. I was able to capture a few pictures of her first day back to school. She was excited to go and did great as always. I love you Mercy! You are growing up and maturing so fast!  
 You are a delight and a joy to this family!