Sunday, September 08, 2013

House and Land Progress this weekend

We had such a wonderful time at our land this weekend! I cannot begin to express just how grateful I am that our dream of owning land has finally come true! I tell you, When you have 5 kids and is a ton of time spent at home. Up until now we have never had a place where we could really spend good quality family time outside. As I watch our children running and playing on this land, I thank God over and over for His faithfulness.

Susie napping in the camper

Daniel scored enough wood from his job on I-81 to build us
a storage barn. 

And all the walls are raised, it is truly amazing
what a large family can accomplish working

This is our basement dug out and ready for footers

Our camper is now parked on our land
which makes it so much nicer to hangout for long
periods of time. Susie takes her naps in it. 

Our fabulous yard

Turns out that our land is a great place to fly kites! The boys
spent a lot of time doing just that this weekend. 

Our swing set is now in place, still trying to decide whether we
will like it so far from the house. 

Kite flying

View of house site and our johnny house:-).

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