Friday, September 27, 2013

September Nursing Home Visit

We got to visit English Meadows again today and loved every minute of it! My friend Shannon (also a homeschool mom) came up with the idea to go one Friday morning a month and our little group take a craft or game that the kids can help them do while they get in some good visiting time. We also sing a couple of old hymns and serve them a fun snack. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but was afraid of it being too overwhelming. So thankful Shannon had the idea to go together! 

This is Mrs. Kitty. She couldn't wait to get her hands on Susanna!

Grace and Mrs. Thompson really hit it off. 
Grace helping Mrs. Thompson make a Fall placemat
to decorate her room with:-). 

Mercy had been shy and clinging to my leg but this
visit she finally warmed up and did a great job visiting
and talking!  

Mrs. Kitty calls herself "Susie's Sealy Mattress"...LOL!
I must say, Susanna is quite comfortable laying on her.

Poor Mrs. Hopkins looks healthy but has a bad case of
Alzheimers/Dementia. Even though she may ask our names
 20 times during the same visit and does not
remember that we came. She is always so happy:-). 
Mrs. Geneva is 90 years old and still has a good mind!
I asked her secret to living so long and she said
"I love Jesus and I love children".  My beautiful friend
Shannon is letting her admire Susanna.

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