Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Typical Thursday

I am trying to write more posts documenting our everyday lives so that one day we can look back and see just what our lives were like in different seasons. In this season, I aim to be up by 5:30am to go workout with some friends of mine. Upon returning, I eat breakfast with everyone and talk to my husband for a few minutes before he leaves for work at 7:20. After breakfast I usually pack Mercy's snack for preschool and get her ready to go. I get myself ready and then I either take her or Daniel manages to swing by and take her since his current field office is located directly across from her pre-school. After Mercy leaves, I do school with our 3 elementary students and housework for the rest of the morning. At 12, It is time for someone pick-up Mercy. This could be more or Daniel depending on the day. He does it most often but today it was me. Mercy is blessed that her friend Finley from Church also attends her tiny pre-school. On this particular day I let Mercy go home with Finley and I took Finley's older sister Ellie home with me to have a play date with Grace. We are so blessed to have many friends who also homeschool that we can get together with during the day. After the playdate. I took our huge pile of books back to the library where I of course owed some late fee's:-). After that it was time to run home and feed the kids an early dinner before heading back out to drop Isaac and Grace off at swim practice and then drive straight to Auburn High school for James' football practice. I had a little time time to kill but not much before heading back to the Aquatic center to pick up Isaac and Grace at 7pm and then go back to Auburn High to pick up James by 7:30. Meanwhile, Daniel and Mercy were at the house site trying to put in the last of the rebar before getting our footers inspected the following day. We were overjoyed to finally get our building permit today!

A cute first grader working diligently on her
schoolwork while listening to her Awana lessons
on my laptop. 

Beef Stroganoff in the crock pot in preparation for an
 evening filled with football practice for James and swim
practices for Isaac and Grace. 

Guacamole for lunch, Our family
loves it! 

A 9 year old boy eating his share:-)

Afternoon Play date for Grace with her friend Ellie. Here they
had out our bow collection and were fixing each others hair:-). 

Our long awaited buiding permit, yay!
This just melts my heart all the time
and I don't ever want to forget about it.
Grace and Mercy are really into making
their own paper dolls right now and
today they made some together
before Mercy headed off to
preschool.  Mercy's paper dolls
are always big and purple and Grace's are
usually colorful with lots of pink:-). 

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Jean Campbell said...

Tip about the library books: If you remember before they're overdue, you can call and renew all that are not reserve books that someone is waiting for.

At least that's the way it works here.