Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beautiful Day at the Land and Progress Update!

Isaac, Grace and Mercy in our basement

Daniel worked hard all day to dig out and place rebar  where we need  to
pour extra concrete for our load bearing walls. 

Basement plumbing went in this week! this is the
plumbing that had to be done before we could pour
the slab for the basement. Lord willing, The slab
will be poured Tuesday! 

Isaac sitting on the future basement toilet:-)

So excited about building our home! 

James and Mercy enjoying the backhoe:-).

view from back of house at the progress that took place this week.
Gravel and Plumbing! 

This is one excited mama! 

We are looking forward to David King being able to backfill
our foundation.

My friend Erin came out to the land with her 3 sweet young kids today. It totally made my day! We walked the land and shared about the joys and difficulties we face in staying home all day, homeschooling and parenting young children. As much as we love our jobs, it is overwhelming, makes us cry out to Jesus, and wonder how we'll make it till our husbands get off work for the day, yet at the same time... we are living our biggest dreams and it is so rewarding. Funny huh? What would we do without friendship? I love you Erin and thank God for you!

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