Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Husband is 30

Wow, where do the years go? Seems like yesterday that I first noticed a cute brown eyed 14 year old boy staring at me. We were young but that was the spark that started the fire. The years go by, things change, people change and the seasons of life quickly come and go. That was 15 1/2 years ago... We are now working on our 11th year of marriage and through our love have brought 5 children into our lives and hearts. What I mean to say is this... I love you more now than I did then. I respect you more and thank God all the time for you and this is why...

          I see you love me and our children with a love that can only come from God, you work hard to make all our family's dreams come true, You love to be productive in everything you do and you like the same from everyone else. You challenge me to be more productive and though there are times it may irritate me, I see your usually right. You are respected at work for your ability to take control and challenge others to be productive. I see you put your head and your heart into whatever you are doing. You dream big and you set big goals. I don't know another 30 year old man that has accomplished as much in life as you have. I see you study for your CCM license when you'd rather be doing other things. I see you striving earnestly to get the country girl you married back out in the country. I see you changing diapers, giving baths, and enjoying your family with all your heart. I see you working, searching craigslist, and bargaining to build our farmhouse just the way we want it. I see you build fires on our farmland and play with our kids until well after dark. I see you make our marriage a priority. I love it when we go on dates and you tell me all your latest plans, dreams and goals. I see you keep going until you get what you are after. You climb mountains that others are scared to climb. I hope you know I see everything you do and so does God. You may not be perfect, but you've made the most of 30 years.

 I'll always love you. Happy 30th Birthday!

                                                             Your Georgia Peach

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