Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Foundation is Done!

We had phenomenal progress take place on our house this week. If only we can keep this up! It is amazing how much was accomplished in just 1 week. Praise the Lord!

Daniel and the boys put more rebar in the basement walls. 

Grace showing off the basement fireplace. We hope to put a woodstove
here eventually. 

James can't wait to move onto our land. He thoroughly
enjoys it!

The boys helping Daddy

It sure is nice having 2 sons who are quickly getting older and helpful! 

We had our foundation painted with therma seal to help prevent
any water problems. I chose white to go with our white farmhouse

Isaac peeking over the basement wall

Mercy insisted on doing the same:-). 

I know we are going to love looking back one day at how big
the kids were when we built the house! 

And here is the finished foundation! So exciting! 

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Darlene Kichler said...

YEE HAW!!!!!