Monday, October 14, 2013

We have Poured Footers!

 We now have footers poured! Huge Thanks to Pops Rich and Mitch Semones for helping make this happen. We appreciate your help! I wish I took pictures earlier while they were helping but I did get plenty later in the evening. Enjoy!
My Hubby is working so hard to build us this house!

I brought homemade beef stew, mashed potatoes and
oatmeal cookies for dinner the evening our footers
were poured and we enjoyed the new progress! 

Daniel and our surveyor, Carl Corelle. 

The kids all took turns writing their names in in the concrete that will
be in our barn.  The barn was a great use for the leftover concrete we had! 

We are making some awesome memories with our kids through
building this house. It's stressful but so fun at the same time!

I am trying to get lots of pictures so we never forget these special
times building our house! 

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