Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long Overdue Update!

Most afternoons I take the kids out to the land to run, get some fresh air and check out the progress on the house. I am behind on posting pictures so some of these were taken a few days ago but here they are! I will try to get some more tomorrow. My Dad ended up needing to leave on Sunday but we have forged on ahead and are excited that our 2nd floor is now being framed up. David King also came today to start backfilling our foundation and that will make everything look so much nicer! More pics to come...stay tuned! 

I usually sit Susanna on a quilt, though she is now so mobile that she
doesn't last long on it:-). Those are our roof trusses you see in the

So exciting to see the second floor going up! 
James and Mercy standing in our future bathroom:-). 

Placing the beam above our eating area. These beams are so heavy!

Could this 1 year old get any cuter? 

On top of the famous dirt pile with Susanna. The kids are so sad that
the dirt pile is quickly disappearing as it is used to backfill
our foundation. It has been so much fun for them.
Maybe we will have to create another one.

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