Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mercy turns 4 years old and Susanna turns 1 year old!

It is hard to believe that the 2 youngest members of our family are now 4 and 1. Susanna turned 1 on November 7th and Mercy turned 4 on November 14th. I got them each their own cake from Wades. Mercy's was white and purple with a horse on it (her special request) and Susanna's was pink and girly:-).  We kept the celebration as small as we could since we didn't have a house to throw a party in. We just went to Aly's restaurant in Rhiner to eat pizza with family members. Mercy wanted her good friend Finley to come so  we swung by the Elam's house and picked up Finley and his sister Elliana earlier in the day. Susanna could have cared less about it being her birthday but Mercy was so excited! I took iced sugar cookies to her pre-school and of course everyone at pre-school made her feel special. She was just beaming when I picked her up! Susanna got a little pink wagon for her birthday and Mercy got a beautiful Belle doll she had been wanting. My little girls are getting so big! I love my girls. They are so much fun and everything I dreamed having little girls would be like:-). 

The birthday girls!

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