Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our School Room.

Today was super cold so Daniel decided to go into work this morning while Grandpa did some hunting. They met here for lunch and then went out to the land for the second half of the day to see what they could get done. They framed in our school room and coat closet! I am so excited about this room. As a homeschool mom, I have seen just how just how quickly school supplies and tons of books can take over the whole house. I like everyone to be together and have all of our stuff together in a school room. I never have been much of a couch schooler. I like each child at their own desk and I like to go into the school room early, get down to business, get it done and get on with the day! This will also make a nice room for the girls to do all their many paper/craft projects.

Grandpa in the school room

The hole you see is where the stairs will be.

Looking into the school room from the kitchen. 

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