Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random pics of life in the Townhouse.

I won't lie, living in a tiny townhouse with 7 people is tough! We are making it work as best we can despite everything being so hard to find, disorganized and a disaster most of the time because there is no room to keep anything. There are days we just want to scream because the kids quickly get bored with what few things we are able to keep in here and start fighting in the cramped space. We go out to the land as much as possible though because it gives us hope and reminds us that soon we will be living in the house of our dreams! We can't wait to have a meal together as a family at our table! That is something that Daniel has especially missed since we moved into the townhouse. Lord willing, the big move into the house is coming soon! Here are some good memories we have made:-)

We have continue to visit the nursing home each
month with a few friends. It is such a joy to us!
This is Ms. Betty loving on Susanna.  

This adorable girl is just so cute and funny now! 

Full of laughter! 

This is how we eat in the townhouse. We can get 5 around the table
and 2 people have to sit on wheat buckets. Usually it is Daniel
and I on the buckets. 

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