Friday, November 22, 2013

The Framing Continues!

Susie playing in the kitchen/dining area

Daniel and Pops working on our Great room.
I love this room!

View of house before roof trusses. 

Back of house

Back and side of house. 

Pops, Isaac and James playing football with Nathan and Luke. The kids
all love playing on the land with their friends! 

Our bedroom with 3 big windows. 

View of kid's rooms and laundry room being framed upstairs. 

The girl's room. 

Downstairs bathroom and walk in closet behind for
guest bedroom. 

Susie loves the Bear's family dog, Callie. We plan to get a dog as
well when life settles down and we feel we can handle it. 

James playing on the scaffolding

Susie playing in a toolbox. 

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Lisa Priest said...

So exciting Lindsay!