Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday Progress

Saturday was the day of our barn raising! Huge thanks to both our Dads, Mitch Semones, Joe Davidson, Ron McCall and Wayne Coleman for all their hard work! The basement framing was completed. Floor trusses were put in place and part of the sub floor was nailed down! Toting heavy trusses is hard work and physically demanding. Somehow I forgot to get pictures of the campfire and potluck we shared with several friends after the work was complete. It was such a fun evening! 

James and Caleb Semones writing scripture on the wall. I took my moms
awesome idea of covering every stud and header in our home with
scripture. She and my Dad did that when they built their house and it
ministered to so many people! 


James admiring the trusses!

This is what our house looked like by the end of Saturday! 

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