Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Christmas we will never forget...

We decided that we didn't want to spend Christmas in our apartment this year so Daniel rented us a lovely cabin in Pigeon Forge. We had the best time! 

Grace took it upon herself to make sure the tree was
fully decorated, Daniel and I were so entertained
watching her, she was hilarious! 

Grace being Grace:-)

Mercy was so thrilled when Daddy gave her
this cat:-). 

Our beloved Isaac with his new legos:-).

Grace got a boom box! 

There was a perfect room for the girls complete
with cowgirl stuff and toys! 

Yummy Christmas breakfast! 

This stacker toy was by far Susanna's favorite Christmas present!

Mommy painting nails!

The Christmas cabin was so fun!

What precious memories!

Mercy in her footed jammies:-). 

James with his green Star Wars Ship! 

Ring Pops!

Mercy and all her Christmas presents!

Fun at the pool! 

James and his presents! some were left at home but
he was still a happy boy! 

We loved the hot tub! It fit our whole family! 

Christmas night:-). 

We didn't want it to end! 
We had a blast at the Christmas Place!

Something to remember it by,  who knows if we will ever spend Christmas
away from home again!

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