Monday, January 13, 2014

Trip to Disney World!

This year for Christmas, Nana and Pops surprised the 3 oldest kids and I with a trip to Disney World. 
Daniel had to work and it just happened to work out to be a week that he was to spend working from home so with some hired help, he was able to manage the youngest 2 girls whom we didn't feel were old enough yet appreciate an expensive trip like this. He fared well with them and the 4 of us who went had so much fun! It far beyond exceeded our expectations! The kids felt like they were in a dream half the time. We spent 1 full day at Animal Kingdom and 1 full day at Magic Kingdom. We absolutely loved every minute of it and are so grateful to Nana and Pops for giving us this wonderful opportunity! 

I bought neon yellow shirts at Michaels so we could keep up with
the kids easily and also bought fabric makers for the characters to write
on their shirts with. This worked out great and now they
are so proud to wear those shirts around! 

I was so pleased with how well they obeyed and stayed with us at
Disney, there were such a joy and totally understood
what an incredible gift that Nana and Pops gave them!

Animal Kingdom was so cool!

When these 3 guys were all under 3 years old,
thinking about someday being able to do fun things
like this with them kept me going! 

Riding rides with Aunt Margaret!

We were blessed that the lines weren't that long! So nice that we
home school and were able to go after school had started back!
We went the 2nd week of January, I thought it was perfect!

We loved the Ferry getting over to Magic Kingdom, such a cool

Grace meeting Cinderella!

The kids with Nana and Pops Rich

Grace and Aurora

Its a small world.

The beautiful castle at Magic Kingdom!

Of all the characters, Grace was most
excited about meeting the fairies!
It was so cute to watch her, she was sooo

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