Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Happenings and House Update...

We had a great Sunday, hope that you did too! Church was great this morning, we heard a message about letting the Lord turn the most difficult of life circumstances into beauty and seeing the beauty of the Lord in the mundane. It really spoke to me as I struggle to understand pain and suffering. My hearts breaks for people who have to go through losing someone they love or losing their health. It is hard for me to the see the beauty of the Lord in these situations. I feel challenged now to really look for beauty and believe Romans 8:28 with all my heart. "For all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to us purpose". 

I took these sweet pictures of Susanna before church today because she just looked like a doll! She is growing up so fast. I can't believe that she is 15 months old now!

This pic is so Susie, this girl will not wear shoes for anything, the minute you put them on her, she tries as hard as she can to get them off. This is why in the cold, she must wear sleepers, footed pants or tights to avoid ending up barefooted!

Now for the house update... The Bears family is helping us wire our house! We could not be more grateful. Steve and Kimmy are both electrical engineers and have wired a few houses in the past. They are using this opportunity to teach the oldest two out of their brood of five boys about electrical work.

Little Chris Bears, age 4 took this pic of Kimmy and I with his pudgy
little, shaky hands, he is so adorable! 

It was fun to see our house and land covered in snow for the first time! It was so beautiful and peaceful. The sunset in the mountains behind the house was breathtaking! As the sun went down, it cast a beautiful pink glow out over the snow. Talk about seeing the beauty of the Lord! These pics just don't do it justice.

The boys had so much fun playing in the snow on the land for the first time. The Bears boys' even brought sleds, what fun!

Thank you Lord for creating beauty in all things!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

The day before Valentines day, we made and decorated cookies to deliver to a couple of elderly widows that we know on Valentines Day, so thankful for a 4-wheel drive suburban or this wouldn't have been possible! This really blessed the kids. The Lord has been laying it on my heart lately to train our children to delight in elderly people. Like small children, they are often viewed as an inconvenience as they turn the circle of life, slow down and many take on childlike characteristics again. My best childhood memories are of helping and visiting with my elderly grandparents who lived on a small farm a few miles down from the farm I grew up on. I still think about them everyday and miss them.
We read 1st Corinthians 13 and talked about what love is. It is not
an emotion,  it is 1 corinthians 13! 

Night before, James and Grace helped me make a banner to decorate
the apartment. 

They did great! We used yarn and a yarn needle to thread all of
this together. 

A  happy brother and sister!

The next day after school we gave the kids their gift.
A 6ft castle for them to color and decorate as they please!
I know.... perfect year to get something
like this living in a tiny apartment, HA! By the way,
this has to be one of my favorite pics of all time!
I love these 5 kids so much my heart hurts! 

All 5 of them inside the castle! Each kid got to decorate one wall of it
however they pleased, then I had each child write someting on
each of their sibling's walls that they love about that sibling.

This entertained them all for hours!

After dark we had the boys babysit all the kids in their bedroom and
watch a movie on the laptop so we could talk and enjoy the steak
dinner prepared by my hubby. I tell you, this man is a keeper! I am
so blessed! 

Isn't he the sweetest? Amid 5 pregnancies that
left his wife bedridden, he became quite the cook!
I was most impressed by his delicious heart shaped
buttermilk biscuits. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! I also want to shout out a Happy Anniversary to my parents who got married on Valentines Day 38 years ago! I also want to say Happy 28th birthday to my little sister and mother of 3 who was born on my parents 10th wedding anniversary. Pretty special huh?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blizzard of 2014

We started out the afternoon by picking up Mercy at Pre-school
 and going toMercy's homeschool swim lessons. It
started snowing very hard during her lesson! 

As soon as lessons were over and I got all the kids out of the
pool and dry, we made a mad dash to Kroger. We
were out of so many things. Praise God we made it home
before it got too nasty! Daniel was already home
waiting for us and was concerned. 

Mercy's Pre-school decided to have their valentine party a day early,
She was so cute going through her valentine bag. She wanted me
to read her each valentine and even shared her candy with me!
She is such a sweetie who melts my heart non-stop:-).

It snowed and snowed and snowed, We woke up the next morning
to well over a foot and it just kept on snowing, 21 inches to be exact!
James was a little too eager to go out in it as you can see:-). 

I didn't have proper snow gear here in the apartment for
everyone due to the amount of space all that stuff takes up but the kids
made do. James had to wear my snow pants rolled up about 3 times with
belt. Mercy wore Susie's snow suit, literally!

This snow was so deep that Daddy had to be out with them to insure
their safety from deep drifts and creepy neighbors here at the
apartment complex. 

Add caption

I love this picture of the kids in the back of Daddy's NXL truck! 
They dug some awesome snow tunnels! This is Isaac.

The kids were ecstatic, they don't normally get this much
snow to play in! 

Silly kids, don't worry, they were being well watched while
doing this! 

Beautiful Eskimo Grace. 

Determined James:-).

My husband is the sweetest:-). He was celebrating the fact that we
got engaged 12 years ago today! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roof, Windows, Doors and Siding!

        Today was a great day. I got to spend time with a special friend making meals for our 2 families while Daniel worked hard on the house before the big snow storm hits tomorrow. Weather reports are saying that we may get as much as 12 inches! It has been an exciting last couple of weeks for us on the house. We now have a competed black metal roof, most windows and doors in and the Hardy board siding partially up! 

You may remember that God graciously allowed us to find
all of our hardy board siding on Craigslist for less than the
cost of vinyl siding. Thank you Jesus! 

God also allowed us to find our front door on Craigslist!  I am
planning to paint the door part red and the side lights white. 

Isaac showing off our Craigslist door and Craigslist siding! 

My sweet husband has worked so hard on this house and making our
dreams come true! I am continually amazed by what he is able to do
by himself! He is such a hard worker!

French doors in dining room. I decided to do a mixture of some
windows and doors with grills and some without to add interest.
So far I am loving it! 

Dining room windows are in except for the big picture window in the
 center. The side windows have grills but the picture window in the
middle will not. 

You may be wondering why there are no windows on the right
side of the house... That is where our future garage
will be!
It is hard to see, but I chose a black metal roof in hopes of giving our house a "farmhouse look". I love how it turned out! It is amazing how much more complete the house is looking with all the recent progress. We are getting so excited to move in! It is still hard to believe that this isn't just a dream and that soon we will live here. We feel so blessed!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Making Day

        It is hard to believe that today is February 10th. It seems like we just made it through Christmas and now Valentines Day is just a few days away! I just love holidays. I know most of them have pagan roots but I enjoy redeeming the holidays to teach my children about God and His word. This month we are learning about what love really is and focusing on 1 Corinthians 13. I have tried hard with our kids to detract from the fact that most people view Valentines Day as a holiday for lovers. Today was Valentine making day at our house. It is always time consuming and messy, but oh so fun! The kids spent a good portion of the afternoon doing this after their swim lessons.

I love watching their creativity!

Susanna looks on while enjoying a banana:-).

The finished valentines drying on the table.
        The boys took one to a widow who lives a couple of townhouses down from us and it pleased them to see how blessed she was by their visit. As you can see, the kids love making their valentines all different colors, not just typical valentine colors:-). I had them write "Jesus Loves You" on the fronts of the valentines and then they added heart embellishments before glueing chocolate to the backs. So fun!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Bob Cuts for two of the Rich girls!

I have a lot of hair. Anyone who has ever cut my hair knows what I am talking about. Add in 3 girls hair to do on top of my own every time I need to go somewhere and I have a very hard time getting us all out the door on time looking halfway decent! I decided something had to be done. The 2 girls with the most tangly hair had to get bob cuts... fast! I didn't want to wait for an appointment or pay for it so I decided to do it myself. 

Grace's before shot.

And after...

I just had to post these pictures.
they totally capture her vibrant, full
of life personality! 

And the fact that she is toothless! 

I actually did Susanna's bob cut first, I wasn't sure
if I liked it at first but now I am thrilled with
how easy it is to manage! 

She is still crawling at 15 months old! 

She is such a joy! So glad God us #5! 

Could she be any cuter? I am always amazed by her
attention span for her and her ability to really focus
on one toy for an extended period of time.
What a sweetie! I love watching her
crawl around and experiment with everything
she finds. 

She also loves eating mexican food! Here she is rocking
her new do at El Mariachi,
our favorite local mexican restaurant. 
    I must say... The bob cuts have paid off! I am getting out the door much faster and dealing with way less tears and screaming! Both girls lost about 4 inches of hair, I should have done it sooner! I am keeping Mercy's hair long because she has such easy hair to deal with and I still have some long hair to play with!