Sunday, February 02, 2014

9 months ago...

 We shut the door on 540 Chinquapin Trail for the last time and said goodbye. Isaac was 15 months old and James was 3 weeks old when we moved in. They were 9 years old and almost 8 when we sold it. I won't lie, I miss that house and the memories that we made there. We have spent the last 9 months living in a camper for 2 months and a tiny apartment/townhouse for 7 months. It has been a long hard road but we will soon be in our house! I make it through each day by telling myself that we will soon be living our dream and by letting the Lord help me through each day here! Though these 9 months have been beyond stressful, I know that this difficult time in our lives will be so worth it! I am always telling the kids never to give up and settle for 2nd best but to be willing to do hard things to get where they want to be in life. This is Daniel and my chance to try and model those character traits for them. I pray that if they remember little else from their time with us, that they learned what it meant to be disciplined and willing to do what is hard to accomplish all that God has planned for their lives.  Now for some photos of the house progress! We endured some grueling cold temperatures in January that slowed our progress. This past weekend, we went to town trying to catch up. Enjoy...

Little Susie napping in the camper.

The glorious Saturday we had the end of January.

Snow was still melting but the weather was warm and gorgeous!

James working to build his own house:-).

Roofers working on the roof and Daniel working out of the bucket
truck to put tyvek around the house.

James showing me how is house is indeed big enough for him:-)

The kids building their own houses! 

Susanna loved being part of the action! 

Working hard.

James and Mercy's finished house.

Isaac, Grace and Susanna's house.

Admiring the new metal roof and the view out our bedroom window.

Isaac was such a big help to Daniel by operating the
bucket truck for him! 

So pleased with this almost 10 year old boy! 

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