Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blizzard of 2014

We started out the afternoon by picking up Mercy at Pre-school
 and going toMercy's homeschool swim lessons. It
started snowing very hard during her lesson! 

As soon as lessons were over and I got all the kids out of the
pool and dry, we made a mad dash to Kroger. We
were out of so many things. Praise God we made it home
before it got too nasty! Daniel was already home
waiting for us and was concerned. 

Mercy's Pre-school decided to have their valentine party a day early,
She was so cute going through her valentine bag. She wanted me
to read her each valentine and even shared her candy with me!
She is such a sweetie who melts my heart non-stop:-).

It snowed and snowed and snowed, We woke up the next morning
to well over a foot and it just kept on snowing, 21 inches to be exact!
James was a little too eager to go out in it as you can see:-). 

I didn't have proper snow gear here in the apartment for
everyone due to the amount of space all that stuff takes up but the kids
made do. James had to wear my snow pants rolled up about 3 times with
belt. Mercy wore Susie's snow suit, literally!

This snow was so deep that Daddy had to be out with them to insure
their safety from deep drifts and creepy neighbors here at the
apartment complex. 

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I love this picture of the kids in the back of Daddy's NXL truck! 
They dug some awesome snow tunnels! This is Isaac.

The kids were ecstatic, they don't normally get this much
snow to play in! 

Silly kids, don't worry, they were being well watched while
doing this! 

Beautiful Eskimo Grace. 

Determined James:-).

My husband is the sweetest:-). He was celebrating the fact that we
got engaged 12 years ago today! 

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Sandi said...

THAT is the greatest indoor pool I have ever seen!

But the snow tunnels scare me! :-o