Monday, February 03, 2014

Bob Cuts for two of the Rich girls!

I have a lot of hair. Anyone who has ever cut my hair knows what I am talking about. Add in 3 girls hair to do on top of my own every time I need to go somewhere and I have a very hard time getting us all out the door on time looking halfway decent! I decided something had to be done. The 2 girls with the most tangly hair had to get bob cuts... fast! I didn't want to wait for an appointment or pay for it so I decided to do it myself. 

Grace's before shot.

And after...

I just had to post these pictures.
they totally capture her vibrant, full
of life personality! 

And the fact that she is toothless! 

I actually did Susanna's bob cut first, I wasn't sure
if I liked it at first but now I am thrilled with
how easy it is to manage! 

She is still crawling at 15 months old! 

She is such a joy! So glad God us #5! 

Could she be any cuter? I am always amazed by her
attention span for her and her ability to really focus
on one toy for an extended period of time.
What a sweetie! I love watching her
crawl around and experiment with everything
she finds. 

She also loves eating mexican food! Here she is rocking
her new do at El Mariachi,
our favorite local mexican restaurant. 
    I must say... The bob cuts have paid off! I am getting out the door much faster and dealing with way less tears and screaming! Both girls lost about 4 inches of hair, I should have done it sooner! I am keeping Mercy's hair long because she has such easy hair to deal with and I still have some long hair to play with!

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