Friday, January 03, 2014

Days leading up to Christmas 2013

We put up a tiny tree and an advent calendar in the apartment.
I wasn't going to do anything, but couldn't stand it! 

The kids had a blast decorating it! They stared and stared
at it afterwards... totally worth it!

We tried out best to get our annual Christmas photos with just
my iphone to save money.  They turned out pretty good!

All photos were taken at our land of course! 

This one was taken inside our guest bedroom!

Just inside our  front door!

The Hashs' invited us over to make cookies, fun was had!

Mercy cracked us up!

We made some fun Christmas crafts!

We made sugar cookies at home and decorated them.

The kids just loved doing this!

So did their mom, watching their faces light up when we do
these things is so worth any extra work it may cause! 

The finished cookies!

They were delicious as you can see! 

Apparently the icing was too...

We made pretzels dipped in white chocolate and put
M&M's on top, YUMMO!

I dressed the girls in pretty dresses.

We saw Frozen, our first movie together as a
family of 7!
Susanna loved the popcorn!
Grace got a beautiful Rapunzel doll from
Nana and Pops. 

The boys each got new lego sets! 

Pops holding Susanna and her rag doll. 

I should have gotten more pictures of other family members! Anyway, I think you can get an idea of what it was like leading up to Christmas this year!

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