Friday, April 11, 2014

What is up with the house?

I am hearing this question a lot lately! Yes I agree, time for a long overdue update! I will say that building a house is much harder than we ever thought it would be. Daniel was recently promoted to regional manager by his company and has been out of town alot. No doubt this has greatly slowed our progress but we still hope to be in by the end of May. Right now the focus is on finishing up the electrical and they are getting close. I am so thrilled that it has warmed up and that we can now spend a lot of time out at the land together as a family. Our favorite thing to do is to eat dinner together in our future dining room! This has been a very slow but exciting process. I am so proud of my Hubby for working so hard to build us this wonderful place to raise our family. I love you with all my heart! You are amazing!
We are to place now that the kids and I are able to find plenty of work to do to keep busy. We have been doing lots of sweeping and picking up scraps. Here is my Grace cleaning up her bedroom. She is so excited!
Sweet Isaac cleaning up his room:-)

I have been totally impressed with how well my little 4 year old Mercy can sweep! We have a broom that is just the perfect size for her and she is meticulous:-).

James is also an awesome sweeper!
These boys are keeping their bedroom spic and span!

We now have both gable ends sided and the attic windows put in. I was so excited the first time I drove up and saw this!
Back of house:-). Loving all the windows!
 View of house from our woods.
  Another view of house from our woods taken a little closer in:-).
Kimmy working hard on the electrical! So thankful for such a smart friend!
 Steve and Ian hard at work!
 Daniel and Joe hard at work! The Bears have some very smart boys! How fun it has been to have them helping wire our house!
 View of upstairs from great room. I have to completely credit the design of this to Ron McCall for making it look so cool. I certainly would have never thought of a small arched balcony. Love it! Yes there will be railing going across the arched section to keep us from falling!
 Attic stairs have been placed!
 Archway buit by my hubby leading from foyer into great room. He did such a great job!
We are getting there slowly but surely! I am so impressed at all  the progress my hubby has made all while performing so well at his full-time job. We can't wait to live here!


Darlene Kichler said...

Perfect.....just perfect....

Kelline said...

I'm probably one of very few women that find these pictures exciting. I used to build houses for a living with my husband and one other business partner and it was the greatest time of my life (until time and stress wore my back out).

I noticed you have beautiful childrens. I have a cool recipe for you to try that is literally as easy as 1,2,3.

Take about 3-4 cups of self-rising flour and mix it to proper consistency using any flavor of ice cream you like. The point is to use the ice cream to create the dough-like consistency for bread. Simply pop that in a pan (no kneading, flouring the pan, etc) and bake it for about 45 minutes in a a 350°F degree oven.

Voila, it's bread!