Wednesday, August 05, 2015

HIking and Friendship

        We enjoyed a beautiful hike in Ellett Valley today with some great friends! God has been reminding me lately just how important relationships here. We are not meant to walk this life alone, we are meant to do life and walk in relationship with other believers. How we thank God for the Carver family and other wonderful friends and family that He has placed in our lives! 

Hebrews 10:25

"Not forsaking our own assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much more, as you see the day approaching.

This sweet friend of mine is a special gift from God! 
Sussanna and Lorelai, age 2

So thankful that the kids all had a great time
and stayed safe!

We definitely got some exercise! 

How can these sweet kids be 11 and 10 now? Growing up so fast!

Ellie and Mercy are 5 now. What precious little girls! They have
definitely grown up a lot since their days at Cedarwood Pre-school! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4th of July 2015

We were blessed to be able to spend the 4th of July in GA this year. Sadly, we had not been to GA since Thanksgiving of 2014 to see the family. The trip is long and expensive for a family of 7! A huge thanks to everyone for feeding us while we were there! The highlights included seeing my nephew Isaiah for the first time, seeing my 11 month old Nephew Benjamin crawling and standing. Last but not least was the fun of just watching all the cousins have such a great time together. It hurts my heart that we miss out on so much of their lives. They are growing so fast!

Here are all the girl cousins and Levi dressed up in Aunt Lauren and niece Taylor's ballet costumes.
 My Mom and sister-in-love Paola made the best desserts! Paola made banana pudding and mom made a strawberry cheesecake dessert shaped like the American Flag. Also, my brother-in-love Michael smoked the best Boston Butt we had ever had! We way overate while we were there:-).

This is mom and Dad with all 11 grandkids. This is it. All of their kids are done having kids now and they get to just enjoy watching their 11 grandkids grow. I think mom is sad that there will be no more babies until the grandkids start getting married, but it is a new stage of grand parenting. They are tremendously blessed!

                                                                     Mercy, Age 5

                                                                    Isaac, age 11

                                                                        Grace, age 8

                                                             Grandma and SuSu, age 2 1/2

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Precious Girls, Precious Days.

   This morning I came out of my bedroom to find 8 year old Grace playing with 5 year old Mercy (little bit) at the top of the stairs.They were playing so peacefully and beautifully with Grace's Addy doll and a mish mash of ponies, buttons, paper dolls and Grace's homemade dollhouse crate. The Lord reminded me of what a blessing it was to see my 2 precious girls sitting there playing together. There will come a day all too soon that I won't come out of my bedroom and stumble upon this beautiful scene. These precious little girls will have families of their own!

" Lord, help me not to miss out on the beautiful seemingly small blessings of today. Help me not to let my wrecked house steal the joy out of this season of my children's lives. Help me not to get overwhelmed but to let your peace and your joy flood my heart all the day long."

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Isaac Visits his Current School of Choice

For the past 2-3 years now Isaac has been saying that he would like to become a doctor. We have tried our best to encourage him and provide him with opportunities to explore the medical field. As of right now, at age 11, he says he wants to attend VCOM for medical school which is located only about 20 minutes from us. We know Isaac's personality and and feel that he would make a wonderful doctor if that is what God has called him to do!
 It took me several months to set it up but I was able to arrange for him and James and a few of their friends to tour the medical school. I was so grateful for how  the VCOM students and staff went over and beyond to make time for us and answer all of the kids questions about what it is like to attend the school. They even gave us demonstration about the human heart and a tour of the school!

This is Isaac listening to my heart while a 1st year VCOM student instructs him.

Our group with the 3 VCOM students wearing purple uniforms. 

After the tour, the boys and I enjoyed walking around
downtown Blacksburg and a delicious lunch at Chipotle! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grace is starting to catch me!

Grace is growing up... way too fast! I just think she looks so grown up here. I'm not sure there could be much better than having an 8 year old girl! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

My beautiful Grace is 8 years old!

I can hardly believe that my beautiful, firstborn daughter Grace is 8 years old! She is sweet and the friend of all friends. I had very hard time trying to squeeze her many girlfriends around our table:-). She had cupcakes with pink gum balls on top and an oreo ice cream dessert for her birthday cake. She and her friends played dolls and painted Easter Eggs. I am so thankful for her and her bubbly, outgoing personality! Some words I think of when I think of her are...

 Spunky      Hardworking       Loving

 Nurturing                        Kind            Considerate
Easily entertained!


Grace,  You bring me so much joy and I love you with all my heart! I love being part of your life!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Where have I been?

         I know I have not written on this blog in a very long time, the content of this blog has been mostly about our homeschooling family and the truth is that I have been greatly struggling as a homeschool mom this year. I couldn't get our oldest daughter to read fluently, it was our second daughters first year being added to our homeschool and our 3rd daughter, being a typical 2 year old was just wrecking the house faster than I could pick it all up.  If you know anything about me, I crave some sense of organization and cleanliness! I guess you could also add the fact that we have still been trying to finish and settle into our house and it isn't so homey and relaxing yet:-). This year I have had to admit that I just can't do it all. That I need help. Both from God and just plain old-fashioned physical help and encouragement. I live a long ways from family so the latter doesn't happen much but God is always near me, and just understanding how great His love for me is has been my rock this year! I know that my kids are young and there is just never anything easy about having 5 children ranging in age from 10-2. This is a season and "it too shall pass".  I want to be careful what I say here because I know this blog is public and most would disagree with my decision to have a large family and to homeschool and wonder why I do it. Yet at the same time, I want to be REAL and let my journey be an encouragement to others. Bear with me... more posts to come!