Thursday, May 28, 2015

Precious Girls, Precious Days.

   This morning I came out of my bedroom to find 8 year old Grace playing with 5 year old Mercy (little bit) at the top of the stairs.They were playing so peacefully and beautifully with Grace's Addy doll and a mish mash of ponies, buttons, paper dolls and Grace's homemade dollhouse crate. The Lord reminded me of what a blessing it was to see my 2 precious girls sitting there playing together. There will come a day all too soon that I won't come out of my bedroom and stumble upon this beautiful scene. These precious little girls will have families of their own!

" Lord, help me not to miss out on the beautiful seemingly small blessings of today. Help me not to let my wrecked house steal the joy out of this season of my children's lives. Help me not to get overwhelmed but to let your peace and your joy flood my heart all the day long."

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