Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bitty Bit Gets Glasses

      Our three year old daughter Susanna (Bitty Bit) got glasses on Tuesday. It has been quite a change for her and all of us! I know this sounds shallow but I didn't want my beautiful, tiny little girl to have to wear glasses. It sounded so expensive and like so much work! I was afraid they might detract from her cuteness. Thankfully, none of my fears have been confirmed thus far. First off, the Lord provided financially for us to order them quickly. She did take them off the first day and hide them in her princess backpack and I couldn't find them for a few minutes. Yes, I may or may not have turned into crazy mama and gone into a short panic until I found them! However, she has not taken them off since then and has looked so cute in them that I almost can't handle it! I am thankful for God allowing this to be a smooth transition for her and for our family. We now have two children that wear glasses since our oldest son Isaac (age 11) got them since last summer. Thankfully, the three children born between these two have excellent vision and don't need them!

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