Monday, February 29, 2016

How I am Saving our Family Money by shopping Bi-weekly

Out of pure determination to pay off all the unexpected dumb debt we accrued while building our dream house (Yes we knew that most building projects go over budget but we were optimistic that ours wouldn't) Bitty Bit and I have been doing ALL the household shopping while the kids are at school every other Friday on payday and trying our best not to spend money on any other day other than for fuel. No we aren't perfect but so far we are sticking to our spending freeze better than we imagined! Household Shopping day for our family of seven is quite a work day and I put a great deal of time into meal planning, clipping coupons, looking at sale papers and planning our route for the day. Afterall, we do have to make it home and unload everything before picking the older 4 kids up from school at 3pm! So far it has paid off big time as we have been able to come up with extra $200-400 dollars per month to pay down on our debt by planning ahead and shopping this way. We are so excited about the progress we are making that it gives us the motivation to keep living this way even though it can be hard and inconvenient. 

Here is Bitty Bit and I psyching ourselves up for the 40 minute drive to Roanoke. We have found that with our large family. It is worth it to drive to Roanoke to shop at Aldi and Sam's Club where we can buy in bulk and get more for our money. Since I don't take all the kids, Bitty bit and I cram into a tiny 2-door Honda so that we don't cut into our savings goals by driving the 2004 gas hog Suburban that serves as our family vehicle. We are blessed that we can pretty much hit up the four stores we shop at in one circle. Aldi, Sam's Club, Kroger and CVS (we may stop at other stores that day if I hear of a great opportunity to save money).

Here are some great deals that Bitty Bit and I found on Friday! 
I should have saved receipts but we got the kids Easter candy, toothpaste
and a 2-month supply of laundry detergent for our family at CVS and spent a total
of $1.57 by using manufacturer coupons, a store coupon and extra care bucks
combined with the stores sales! 

Another way I have been trying to save is by getting organized
and planning ahead for things we will need in the future by buying
things ahead when there is a deal to be had. Dollar General had
all of their Valentine Stuff 70% so I was able to stop and get all the valentines
that our 3 girls would need to give out next year for a total of $0.95 cents!

At the end of the Day, Bitty Bit and I saved money. We were able to come up with $200 to put towards our debt by using what we saved out of our food and household budget combined with the $45/per paycheck we budget for clothing for our family since no one needed any shoes or clothing this pay period. It may have taken some time but overall it will save time because the shopping is done and I won't be wondering what is for dinner, or lunch or snacks for the next two weeks because I was forced to figure all of that out before household shopping day. Hopefully this will eliminate the need to waste gas and money by making multiple runs to the store and reward me with more time to invest in my family!

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