Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wonderful Sunday!

We had a glorious Sunday, though it didn't start out that way. Getting to church with five children is no small feat but I thought I had everything planned out to have a lovely, smooth sailing Sunday. The roast  was thawed and ready to go in the crock pot to cook while we were at church, The girls were bathed the day before and I had matching dresses for all three laid out. We would arrive at church on time and then come home to lovely smelling pot roast for lunch... or maybe not!  I woke up and there was no power. I was so frustrated because the power company had called and said that there would be a scheduled outage but that it would be back on before we got up. I immediately started to panic as all of my carefully made plans for the morning went out the window. I texted Shannon, one of my closest friends, that lives within a five minute drive of our house to see if they had power. Thankfully, they did! Daniel and the boys quickly went over there to get showers and took my crock pot with our Sunday lunch in it to plug up in Shannon's kitchen. We would swing by on the way home from church and get it. Everything seemed to be going smoothly except that my hair still looked horrible and there was no way for me to go to Shannon's and get a shower. There just wasn't time. Just before Daniel and the boys made it back, the hospital I work at 1-2 days a week called to see if I could come in and care for a mentally impaired patient. This would save me from having to go to church with bad hair because it wouldn't matter if my hair looked bad with my scrubs. It would be expected. I threw on my scrubs and made sure the girls were ready when Daniel and the boys got back. They all went off to church and I headed to the hospital. The hospital only needed me for 2 1/2 hours so I got to spend the rest of this glorious day with my family! And boy did I appreciate the gift of electricity when we all arrived home to eat our pot roast! 

The Rich sisters in their matching dresses

 Our whole family loved being outdoors today! It was 61 degrees which is rare for a February day here in the Southwest VA mountains.

We even got a family selfie on the trampoline!

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