Saturday, March 05, 2016

How To Save Money Going to Kid's Birthday Parties

When you have five kids, you get LOTS of invitations to kids' birthday parties. Our children get so excited about going to their friends' birthday parties and we are so grateful for the many wonderful friends that our children are blessed with! Going to so many parties could be a budget buster if we don't carefully plan but we love the opportunity to bless them! I recently set our budget at $5.00 tops for going to a child's birthday party. That includes everything: the card, the present and the packaging. I am going to show you how we have been able to manage this lately while still giving the child a wonderful gift that will make them feel special. 

Today I started by getting a piece of white copy paper and folded it into a trifold shape to make it fit inside a standard envelope (cheap!). I then wrote "Happy Birthday Meredith" on the front and left the rest of it blank to have Mercy personalize it for her friend. She loved doing this because she knew what Meredith would like. 

                                                She drew a picture of her and Meredith together
    and some minions because Meredith 
apparently loves minions! I think it is special 
  for the friend to receive a homemade card 
    personalized just for them from one of their good friends! 

For the gift, I got on Groupon to see what deals were currently available in our area and I was able to score a $12.00 gift certificate to the local Cinnabon for just $5.00! I quickly paid for it and printed it out. I did blot out the price I paid on the certificate for good manner's sake! I did want them to think I spent the full $12.00 right? 

 And there you have it, a great gift that most any kid would love, packaging and all for $5.00. Time to go party!

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