Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rich Family Update

               It has been awhile since I have written a family update on the blog and I know many of our past readers are wondering about all the changes our family has made in the last year since this blog was primarily about our lives as a homeschooling family. I will tell a little about each of the changes in order! 
     Beginning in January 2015, we sent Grace to a small christian school near our home. I was overwhelmed trying to homeschool four different grade levels the way I wanted to. I knew many women who did it successfully but I was struggling and felt defeated. Grace's reading was not progressing and being the high extrovert that she was, she was the child struggling the most with being at home. It was a difficult decision for Daniel and I, but in January, Grace became the first of our children to start school at Auburn Baptist Christian Academy. It didn't take long for us to see that we made the right decision sending her there and we felt so grateful to the wonderful teachers who helped her read and thrive! It brings tears to my eyes to see the progress she has made. 
              Also in January, I began to pursue obtaining my CNA license on the weekends. I fell in love with learning about the nursing profession and was thrilled to pass my CNA exam in June. I also took a class at the community college during the spring semester. At the end of summer, we made the decision to send all four of our school-aged children to the Christian School so that I could continue to pursue a degree in nursing and work part-time at the hospital. We knew that teaching had never been my natural gift and we thought this would work better for our family. In August, I began my first CNA job working three days per week at the hospital while taking 6 credit hours at the college over both the Summer and Fall semesters. I excelled in my classes but our home life was falling apart. 
           I wanted to be supermom and do it all but it was just too much and very hard on Daniel and the kids. I was able to finish up a total of 15 credit hours of college classes last year and am so grateful for all that I learned! I still hope to finish my degree one day but my focus in life right now is to be the best wife to Daniel that I can be and the best mom I can be to our five children. I assured Daniel before I started on my career path that if I started falling down on my job as a wife and mom that I would take a step back and re-evaluate. As much as I want to provide financially for their future, I know that I can never get these years back with my children. When they are gone, they are gone and I will wonder where the time went. 
        I continue to work one day per week at the hospital while the kids are in school and work on some math that will prepare me for college level mathematics one day but that is all. During the week, I am busy keeping up with 3 year old Susanna and running the older 4 kids to school and activities and assisting them with homework. I am also trying my best to stay on top of the house, the laundry, the household budget and preparing three meals a day for our big family so that we do not waste money on these things. These responsibilities all make for a very full and busy life but I couldn't be happier! As much as I love my children and want to give them everything, I have realized over the past year that I just can't. God is their provider and I am called to be their mother, the one who loves, encourages and nurtures them both physically and spiritually. 
         I have wasted so many years comparing myself to other women who seemed to be able to do more or be more than I could be and feeling inadequate in just about every way as a wife and mother. As a type-A personality and an overachiever, I have made a lot of wrong turns in my life attempting to overachieve. I am grateful that 2016 so far has been a year of reflection and understanding the deep love my Heavenly Father has for me. He does not expect me to be more or do more than He has called me to and I am learning to rest and be content that through Him, I AM ENOUGH as a wife to Daniel and mother to our fabulous five. He doesn't care whether I am homeschooling all the kids, or making a great income to fund college and retirement. He just wants my heart...  

In the same way that I want my children's hearts

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