Thursday, March 17, 2016

Save Money By Making Your Own Granola Bars

I don't know about you but I think it is so disheartening to buy a box of natural granola bars at the grocery store for approximately $3.99 a box only to have them gone in one sitting and not even have enough for Daniel and I because there are only five bars in the box, one for each of our five kids! If Daniel and I exercise restraint and let all the kids have a granola bar for a snack five days out of the week, this habit would cost us approximately $80/month! That just doesn't work for our grocery budget, especially since the granola bars are so small and light anyway that the kids are still famished and begging for more after one bar. I came up with this recipe and while I don't keep them made up all the time, it has certainly helped us out! 

Natural Granola Bars

3 cups of oats
Anything else in your cupboard you want to include-
(dried fruit, choc chips, nuts, seeds, dry cereal, flaked coconut...)
Equal parts of a nut butter and coconut oil (to make them stick)
1/2 c. honey
salt to taste
Mix everything together except nut butter and coconut oil. You will want to save those for last since the amounts will depend on how many other ingredients you decide to add. Add equal parts of nut butter and coconut oil until everything stirs and sticks together nicely. Line a 9"x13" dish with wax paper and press mixture into the bottom. Place in refrigerator until hard. I like to cut these into squares and wrap them in wax paper with a piece of tape and store them in a container to grab and go. 

*You can make these lower carb and more like the popular KIND bars by cutting out the oats and using more nuts and low carb ingredients instead. Maple and other flavorings also taste great in these!
I usually double or triple this recipe for our family since they will stay fresh for weeks in the refrigerator. They are also fine not refrigerated for several days. 

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