Saturday, July 09, 2016

Our Family of Seven's Quest To Become Debt- Free and Live That Way For Life

       I know that many of you are wondering how our journey of becoming debt free is transpiring. The naked truth is that the process has worn us out so much that there just hasn't been a lot of time for blogging and making You Tube videos. When we have free time, we want to just relax! I will tell you some things we have been doing lately to earn extra money.

1. Daniel quit Papa Johns for the Summer and started a mowing business with our boys ages 11 and 12.
2. I have been picking up extra shifts when I can at the local hospital working as a CNA.
3. I Have been finding things to sell around the house and picking up free things to sell for people who don't want to fool with it.
4. I have been finding loose change around the house to roll up until I have a substantial amount
5. I have been filling out online surveys on a site called Swagbucks to earn points toward Amazon gift cards to help pay for grocery items.

I know it may seem crazy for a typical, middle class family to do things like this, but the truth is that we are learning to live in freedom and not care what others think about our family. I wouldn't say we have arrived but we are getting there! Far too many Americans are drowning in debt because they care too much about what others think. Many are far too embarrassed to be seen delivering pizza or working as a CNA or mowing lawns. Sometimes it is hard to stand tall and tell others what is really going on in our lives but we believe that God has chosen us to go down this road for a purpose and right now we are climbing uphill and hitting every pothole you can imagine. We are tired and weary yet we know we must press on even when frustration attempts to overtake us on the road. We originally set a date to be free of debt by April 2017 but we have now changed our target date to Isaac's 13th birthday which is May 8, 2017. Our children have made a ton of sacrifices along with us and oh how glorious it would be to enter our children's teen years free of debt and celebrate that on his birthday. Please pray for us that God will continue to give us strength and joy on this journey, If you are also on a similar journey, please let us know so that we can pray for you and support you!
P.S. Hopefully Daniel can update soon with the numbers you are dying to know and how much we have paid off since our last update!