Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cherishing Our Weekends

 As the weather turns warmer, we are getting more and more excited about planting all kinds of things on our land. We have now had our land for almost 3 years but this is the first year that we are really trying to get several things growing. Our house is still far from finished but with 5 hungry kids and our grocery bill at $1000/month now, we are ready to grow as much of our own food as we can!
 We are excited that a Rural King has opened in Radford and we love going there as a family to get supplies for our little farm.

We love to hit up the Cold Stone Creamery on Tyler Rd to use up our 1/2 off coupons that we collect off the back of our Kroger receipts every week.

Isaac and Susanna with "Nordicorn". Somebody gave Grace this little boo-eyed unicorn on the bus and she gave it to Sue. Sue got attached to it and named it "Nordicorn.". She is taking it everywhere she goes right now and we are all paranoid about keeping up with "Nordicorn" while we are out.

We picked up our first apple tree and 2 blueberry bushes at Rural King. Fruit trees, bushes and garden supplies are not cheap so we will just have to do a little at a time out of each paycheck.

We absolutely love sitting outside around our fire pit as a family and have already had several fires this year. We talk and bond and sometimes the kids will play on the trampoline in the dark. With Daniel and I both working now, our weekends at home to rest and bond as a family are very important to us, it recharges our batteries for the week ahead. We love this stage that our family is in and want to enjoy every minute we have together. 

Because moments like these will pass all too soon...