Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Follow My Journey of Learning to Parent Teens! 

        Did I say just how much I am loving the teen years? This has been my favorite season of life thus far! Yes they are mouthy, Yes they can get wrapped up in themselves. Yes they argue, feel they know it all and want to do life their way. It is such a beautiful thing to watch them grow their wings and gain the strength to fly the nest soon. As each day passes, they are learning to make the transition into adulthood and yes, into being one of your best friends instead of being in constant need of your coaching. It is important for all involved to understand how teenagers develop, why their need to question and not just answer "yes ma’am" to everything you say is part of the process. They weren’t born with the desire to be disrespectful to you and they truly love you and need you much more than they show it! I am going to document my process of learning to parent through the teen years on this blog in hopes that down the road, it may be an encouragement to someone else. Let’s face it, what worked well in the childhood years no longer works!  I can’t say I am doing it perfectly but I am entering this season with an open mind and a determination to learn as much as I can about the teen years and to tune in to what God is trying to show me during these last few years before adulthood. Feel free to join me on this journey as I learn, fail and then learn some more! I certainly don’t have all the answers but my God has a plan for each of my teens that is bigger than all my mistakes. He is the one who will lead them to their destiny in life, not me. It will look so different for each one individually and maybe for some even different from the societal norm! If I had all the answers, I wouldn’t need Jesus and neither would they. That is a dangerous place. 

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